The Pedalwise Owl is looking for you! Become confident and ride with a mentor. It’s FREE!

COVID-19 – we have resumed accepting new Pedalwise participants. Please register first, using the link below. A mentor will be assigned to you, using physical distancing and public health protocols. Please be patient, as we have had a large demand for our program!

Our virtual Pedalwise Training Class for registered Protégés and Mentors

Lisa, one of our senior Mentors, conducted two series of four ZOOM presentation and virtual classroom meeting discussions exclusively for new and on-going Proteges, and Mentors wanting a refresher to update their skills. Other experienced Mentors added their colour commentary to make the evenings fun and highly informative. BikeBrampton heard several comments from quite experienced mentor cyclists who were surprised to learn new things! Skills and tips for everyone! — how to safely navigate our trails and streets. Stay tuned for the next series coming this fall, available only to those who are registered in our Pedalwise program.



We want to help you use a bicycle for short trips instead of using a car. You can use your bicycle to get to public transportation too.

Check out the Pedalwise Facebook Group to see what is happening! This is a closed group for those who have signed up for the free Pedalwise program.

Each Pedalwise participant (protégé) is given a mentor in their community. The mentor who is an experienced cyclist who will help you choose less travelled roads and paths, giving you riding tips and even come with you as you ride a new route.

Ride a bike to destinations in your neighbourhood. Shop, dine, run errands, commute — all by bike. Be active with your family year-round. Meet new friends. Become healthier. Enjoy nature. Help reduce traffic congestion. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Pedalwise FAQs:

Who can join Pedalwise?

Residents of Brampton and Caledon, 16+. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must have and use a bicycle helmet.

Do I need a bike?

If you don’t have a bike, let us know. We will try to fit you with one from our bicycle library. We have a limited number of generously donated bikes. They have been lovingly repaired. A $40 refundable deposit is required to ensure its safe return to the library when you are finished using it. Due to increased demand during COVID-19, our bikes are all out on loan!

Do I need to know how to ride a bike?

You need basic bike riding skills. We can arrange a few lessons with a CAN-BIKE instructor to get you going if you have no experience riding.

How many hours are involved?

That is up to you and your mentor to work out a plan that is comfortable for you.

How fit do I need to be?

You only need to be able to ride short distances safely, usually trips of 5km or less. There will be opportunities for longer rides if you choose.

What are my responsibilities?

Ride as often as you can. Complete the surveys and track your trips. You will be shown how to do this. Contact your mentor at least twice a month.

Lock your bike when not in use — it is good habit! If you have borrowed a bike, and it were to be stolen, you would report it to the Police. You would present us with a police report. Register your bike serial number with Peel Regional Police Crime Prevention or Caledon OPP.

All users of BikeWrx are asked to join Pedalwise, no matter the level of mentoring they might need (a little, lots or none at all).

Cycling Data are King & Queen…

Pedalwise has been made possible by an Environment and Climate Change Canada EcoAction grant and by Region of Peel’s Community Cycling Program. We need to collect data on our cycling trips to show how much carbon we collectively offset by choosing to ride our bikes instead of driving the car. Even though how we FEEL about cycling counts significantly, having the DATA shows proof of our success!

Track your Cycling Trips on ‘Strava’

  1. Sign up for a FREE Strava account on your computer to record your kms cycled. If you have questions, your mentor can help you.
  2. Make sure you set Strava privacy settings according to your personal comfort level. Lisa has prepared a clear step-by-step Strava privacy process to help you make your privacy decisions.
  3. Download the Strava app onto your smartphone and pair it with your account on your computer. Some members of our group have had success with downloading the Speedometer GPS app onto their Blackberry, since the Strava app is only available for Apple and Android phones. It can be paired with your Strava account on your computer.
  4. Every time you ride your bike, you start Strava at the beginning and stop at the end of your trip. It is important to log your trip as a “commute” before you save your trip. You can edit your trip after it is uploaded and you can add trips you missed.
  5. Next step is to join our Brampton EcoAction Club so your data can be gathered along with the other members.
  6. The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery will include your Strava data in our Brampton EcoAction Club totals, once you
  7. Authorize The Bikeport Cycle Survey to complete your registration.
  8. You can view our statistics as we pedal our way to a greener community!
  9. (if you do not have a smartphone, we have a GPS tracker device is available for borrowing with a $30 deposit)

For more information, contact David at info@bikebrampton.ca 

What if I have a bike but want to borrow one to use as a winter ‘beater’?

It takes considerable time and effort to assess a donated bike, fix those that are repairable and dismantle those that aren’t for parts and scrap. Many thanks to Gerald, Steve, Peter and others who have been part of the teams working on the donated bikes. Thanks especially to Gerald, who has spent many hours of his own time, taking bikes home to clean them up and making them suitable for loan to protégés who need a bike. New protégés will get preference.

Pedalwise mentors or protégés, who already have a bike, can continue borrowing a library bike with the deposit, and with the proviso that they start with an unrepaired bike and do the upgrade work themselves under the supervision of the on-duty mechanic. We will do our best to supply the necessary parts from salvage. If the bike needs parts that we don’t have on hand, then the person borrowing the bike will be responsible for the costs. And, if the bike is being used over the winter months, the expectation is the borrower will return it in the same condition that it was borrowed in, if they expect a deposit refund. This seems the fairest way for all concerned.

Pedalwise was launched on December 6, 2017 at the Brampton Bike Hub, in space provided by our local partner, PCSH, at 50 Sunny Meadow Blvd. Unit 108. In 2019, it is expanding with the Caledon Bike Hub in Bolton and Southfields.

Pedalwise mentor and her protégé cycled on their first ride together, to the Brampton Bike Hub BikeWrx drop in.




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