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It’s almost spring (hmmmm). Here's your update on all things biking in Brampton.



The Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee received fabulous support from our first newsletter in January, and we want to share more exciting news with you.

Our signature event, Bike the Creek is organized for June 21st and your free online registration is now open! Invite your family and friends, be they local residents or visitors to come and experience our wonderful gem, the Etobicoke Creek Trail.

We have 10, 30 and 40km options to appeal to all ages and abilities. Come for exercise, fresh air, nature, camaraderie, flora, fauna, local history, prizes, free lunch, or for all of these reasons!

Read our newsletter, enjoy the pictures and peruse our website for interesting articles, maps, events and all things about biking in Brampton. We hope to see you out on the trail on June 21st or sooner!



David Laing,

Chair, Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee

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