Template Letter: An Act to Establish a National Cycling Strategy

If you need a little help writing a letter to Brampton’s MPs in support of An Act to Establish a National Cycling Strategy, here’s a template you can use. Feel free to change it as you please to make it personal to you.



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Please Send Email To

Sonia Sidhu

Raj Grewal

Kamal Khera

Ruby Sahota

Ramesh Sangha

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And CC

Gord Johns


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Honourable Brampton Members of Parliament.

I’m [insert name here]. I’m emailing to express my support for MP Gord Johns private Member’s Bill C-312: An Act to establish a national cycling strategy.

The benefits of a national cycling are many, including:


  • Encouraging more Canadians to choose cycling as their mode of transportation;
  • Improving national safety standard measures, and design standards
  • Supporting the cycling industry in Canada, including manufacturing, sales, and service sectors
  • Broader availability of education for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.
  • Bringing all levels of governments together with cyclists and industry to build a plan that will encourage more Canadians ride bicycles.


I agree with Gord that a National Cycling Strategy will lead to a healthier society, more livable communities, safer cycling options, reduced congestion, and significant savings for our healthcare system.

[Insert any personal points you want to make to support a national cycling strategy]

Thank you for your support.

[insert name here] [/action]