BCAC Agenda – June 15, 2017

The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for June 15, 2017, is available.


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Other/New Business/Information Items

There are 2 discussion items at the request of Julius Pokol, Member, RE:

  1. Cycling Education and Awareness
  2. Cycling to School – Increasing Numbers and Safety


There are discussion requests from Nelson Cadette, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Development Services regarding Ontario – Making it Safer and Easier to Commute by Bike, and a Community Ride Sponsorship Opportunity.


Nelson will also have an update regarding Province-wide Cycling Networks, and 2017 Community Bike Rides.


Lisa Stokes, Member, has requested a discussion regarding Active Transportation Master Plan – Status Update.


Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see and to ask questions!

BCAC Minutes – Summer 2016

The Minutes from the June, July, and August 2016 summer BCAC meetings were recently published. This is a summary of highlights from those Minutes. Please review each respective Minutes report for details.

Copies of the summer agendas can be found on the City of Brampton website.

Delegations and Presentations


Lisa Stokes, Member, gave a presentation about an Advocacy Success Story. Lisa noted success in using social media to convey cyclists’
needs to the property owners of the Bramalea City Centre. Ms. Stokes encouraged committee members to do the same when visiting public locations
that are in need of cycling infrastructure such as bike racks.


Lisa Stokes, Committee Member, presented on Cycling Advisory Committee Accomplishments – 2016. Lisa Stokes, Committee Member, provided a presentation on the Cycling Advisory Committee’s accomplishments in 2016, and thanked Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Infrastructure Services, for his efforts in this regard. In response to a question from Committee, Mr. Cadete outlined the criteria for approving and implementing curb cuts.


Committee received a delegation from Erica Duque, Active Transportation Planner, Region of Peel, about Bike Month and Bike to School 2016. Erica highlighted the cycling events occurring throughout Brampton and the Region of Peel, such as Bike Month, Bike to School 2016, Bike4Brampton Group Rides, Bike the Creek, and Community Rides. Ms. Duque provided an overview of the Region of Peel’s Sustainable Transportation Strategy and noted its objectives and anticipated implementation timelines. In response to questions from Committee, Ms. Duque confirmed that there will be opportunities for public feedback and consultation during the process. Regular updates on the Strategy will be provided to Committee as they become available.

George Shepperdley, Member, presented on Streetsville to Orangeville Single Track Railway. George requested that the City allocate money in the 2017 budget to investigate the possibility of creating a “rail trail” along the single-line train track that runs from Streetsville to Inglewood. Mr. Shepperdley noted that the creation of the trail would provide connections to existing trails and increase cycling tourism in the area. Nelson Cadete, Manager, Active Transportation, noted that the Active Transportation Technical Report included in the Transportation Master Plan states that, where feasible, multi-use trails along railways would be considered. Earl Evans, Deputy City Clerk, provided clarification with respect to the Orangeville Railway Development Corporation, noting that the Corporation makes payments in lieu of taxes on its property. Mr. Evans suggested that Committee research the matter further before providing a recommendation to Council. Committee noted that the matter may be considered by the Infrastructure Subcommittee.



The Program Sub-Committee gave a Program Sub-Committee Half-Year Report – 2016. Alina Grzejszczak, Committee Member, made a presentation entitled “Selected BCAC Event Participation” and provided information regarding participation, sponsors and volunteers at the following events:

  • Bike the Creek
  • Bike the Creek Bike Rodeo
  • Community Rides
  • Bike to Work Day
  • CeleBrampton BikeFest
  • Bramalea CycleFest
  • Bike to School Week


Dayle Laing, Member, gave an update regarding the Joint Committee of Western Lake Ontario Cycling Advisory Committees. Dayle provided a brief overview and background on the Joint Committee of Western Lake Ontario Cycling Advisory Committees. Committee discussion of the matter included a suggestion to participate in the upcoming Vision Zero Workshop and webinar.

Staff provided details on the resurfacing of Sunny Meadow Boulevard and the installation of “urban shoulders” in conjunction with construction projects.

Committee received an update regarding the Implementation of Bicycle Lanes on Edenbrook Hill Drive


New Business and Information Items


Committee Discussion at the Request of Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, regarding a Status Update – Community Rides. Committee provided an update on the community rides which included the following:

  • Registration and participation
  • Various route connections and overall “ride-ability”; some routes may change
  • Member communication during the rides; suggestion to purchase walkie talkies
  • Member and participant safety; staggered start times, leader and sweeper safety vests
  • Budget considerations; suggestion to seek sponsors
  • End of ride complimentary refreshments; organization and reconciling costs
  • Snack coordinator; submission of complimentary refreshment menu to Nelson Cadete prior to the community rides

Committee had further discussion at the Request of Nelson regarding a Status Update – Committee Work Plan. In response to questions from staff, Committee noted that at the next meeting, the Work Plan Subcommittee will provide a review of the 2016/2017 Work Plan.


Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, suggested that staff review the work plan and advise with respect to the next steps. Committee discussion on this matter included the following:

  • Questions regarding the requirement for event waivers and options to streamline the collection process
  • Suggestion that the Program Sub-Committee review and evaluate the 2016 Community Rides for possible improvements in 2017
    • Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Infrastructure Services, suggested that the Program Sub-Committee meet on September 15, 2016, prior to the scheduled Cycling Advisory Committee Meeting
  • Request for a “cross ride” on Bramalea Road, between Sandalwood Parkway and Black Forest Drive
    • Mr. Cadete advised that requests for “cross rides” or other traffic control measures, should be submitted through the City’s Call Centre (311)

Henrik Zbogar, Manager, Long Range Transportation Planning, Planning and Infrastructure Services, responded to questions from Committee regarding the work plan review and budget timelines. Mr. Zbogar indicated that staff would endeavour to report back to Committee regarding the work plan in September 2016.

Discussion at the request of Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, regarding Application for Bicycle Friendly Community Status with Share The Road. Kevin suggested that consideration be given to filing an application for a Bicycle Friendly Community Status with Share The Road. Committee discussions on this matter included the following:

  • Indication from staff that the application process is very onerous and time consuming
  • Suggestion from staff that, at this time, Committee’s efforts be directed towards the completion of the Active Transportation Master Plan
  • Suggestion that Committee review the recommendations/results from the City’s last application

Discussion at the request of Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, regarding Cycling Advisory Committee Presentations at Local Secondary Schools.

  • Peel Alternative School North

Kevin proposed that in addition to Peel Alternative School North, cycling presentations also be provided at the following local secondary schools:

  • Turner Fenton Secondary School (proposed)
  • Central Peel Secondary School (proposed)
  • Brampton Centennial Secondary School (proposed)

Discussion at the request of Kevin Montgomery, regarding Traffic By-law 93-93, as amended – Bike Lanes. In response to an inquiry from Committee, Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Infrastructure Services, outlined the challenges of informing Committee of administrative updates to By-law 93-93, as amended, relating to bike lanes. Committee members expressed their opinion that this information would be beneficial in assisting Committee to fulfill its mandate.

Committee discussion took place with respect to the following:

  • Franceschini Bridge
    • Concerns regarding the status of the project and timeline for completion
    • Information from staff regarding the current status of the project, including delays and the MTO approval process
  • Traffic Computer System
    • Request for a presentation from staff regarding the operation of the traffic computer system
  • Cycling Facility Paint and Signage
    • Process/schedule for re-painting pavement markings
    • Appearance of the sharrows on McMurchy Avenue and the possible need for signage
    • Confusion regarding the shoulders on McMurchy Avenue and a request that they be upgraded to proper bike lanes
  • Etobicoke Creek Signage Audit
    • Indication from staff that there is no update at this time
  • Active Transportation Master Plan Update
    • Staff provided a status update on the procurement process for the consultant

Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, requested Committee’s endorsement of the letter appended to the agenda, to be sent to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change regarding funding for cycling infrastructure.

Lisa Stokes, Committee Member, advised that the Program Sub-Committee would like to organize 2-4 additional community rides in the remainder of 2016. Ms. Stokes advised that associated costs would remain within the existing budget, and provided details regarding the planning and promotion of these rides. Ms. Stokes indicated that a report with further details would be provided at the August meeting.


Discussion at the request of Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, regarding a Motion for Committee Consideration regarding Dedication of Bicycle Parking at Peel Memorial Health Centre

Committee consideration of the matter included consensus that Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, contact the William Osler Board with respect to this proposal.

A motion carried that on behalf of the Cycling Advisory Committee, Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, submit a request to the Board of the William Osler Heath System to consider dedicating the bicycle parking at Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness to Ralf Jarchow, an avid cyclist and fundraiser for the Centre.

Committee consideration of the matter included support of the subject motion and consensus to seek Council support. Committee requested that Councillor Bowman, Committee Representative, speak to the motion when the minutes of this meeting are considered by Planning and Infrastructure Services Committee.

The full text of the motion is available in the August 2016 Minutes.

Council is back from summer break, and so is BikeBrampton! We hope to see you at our next meeting.

BCAC Agenda – June 16, 2016

Happy Bike Month!

The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for June 16, 2016 is available. Take a look!


There will be a presentation by Lisa Stokes, Committee Member, about an Advocacy Success Story using social media. There is a presentation included in the agenda, and it’s a cool story — definitely worth a look.

Other/New Business/Information Items

Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, has requested discussions about:

  • Status Update – Community Rides
  • Status Update – Committee Work Plan

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see the presentations, and to ask questions!