New Cycling Advisory Committee Agenda

The fall session of council is underway, and BikeBrampton has reconvened for 2015/2016. This year, Brampton has a Cycling Advisory Committee (BCAC) to complement BikeBrampton’s efforts. BCAC had a few meetings over the summer. The agendas and meeting minutes are available online at the City of Brampton website.

The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meets every 3rd Thursday at City Hall. Meetings start at 7pm. The next meeting is on October 15, 2015.

Looking ahead, BikeBrampton will offer summaries of BCAC agendas and meeting minutes.


Dayle Laing, a member of both BCAC and BikeBrampton, will be presenting on Brampton Kids on Bikes. The presentation notes are with the next agenda, and has a lot of interesting information. We definitely recommend that everyone check it out.

Reports and Updates

Over the summer, BCAC brought an opportunity to apply for provincial funding for cycling infrastructure and training to Brampton city staff attention. An exciting piece of news is that Brampton’s applicaton to fund a cycling instructor training project has been accepted! This project will fund training cycling instructors in Brampton, who will in turn be able to train others about cycling safely.

Another interesting item is a Recommendation for a Motion of the Ontario Ministry of Education on cycling education. There are a lot of “whereas'”, so again we recommend reading the agenda for yourself. The relevant “therefore” recommends that City of Brampton Council ask the Ministry of Education to adopt mandatory cycling education in the Ontario Elementary and Secondary School Curriculums.

There will be several other updates on:

  • City of Brampton Corporate Responsibilities and Active Transportation
  • Curb Depressions, and;
  • the status of the 2015/2016 BCAC Work Plan.

New Business Items

Kevin Montgomery, also a member of BikeBrampton and one of the Co-Chairs of BCAC, has requested the committee discuss forming four subcommittees:

  • Infrastructure
  • Policy
  • Programs
  • Events Fundraising

Like BikeBrampton, BCAC meetings are also open to the public. We encourage everyone to attend.