Bike the Creek Event

8th annual regional signature ride through Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga!


Bike the Creek is a FREE event on June 18th is aimed at encouraging people of all ages to discover the joys of cycling. Join cyclists in our fun family ride through the spectacular valleys, trails and historic landmarks, urban and rural settings of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.

Bike the Creek is an awesome community event that raises awareness on the benefits of cycling and how active transportation is essential to building a healthy and sustainable community. Established in 2014, the event is planned with partners, BikeBrampton, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), City of Brampton, Town of Caledon and City of Mississauga. This event attracts over 1000 cycling enthusiasts and engages over 50 volunteers from the community. 

Bike the Creek Event Timeline June 18, 2022

Bike the Creek Routes:

Google Map link to all 6 routes. Click and unclick the boxes to display the route of your interest. Route maps show rides beginning and ending at Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre, 292 Conestoga Drive, Brampton. Pavilion, washroom and QR Code locations are shown on the map. Download route .gpx files into your Garmin or other GPS deviceDownload your route for turn-by-turn descriptions, and answers to your questions about each route! 

Bike Rodeo for kids – 9:00 am – noon – presented by Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee

5 km Family Ride – follow purple dots 2022 Bike the Creek Route Description – Family Ride 5 km (allow 1/2 – 1 hour) Check-in 9:15am

12 km Family Ride – follow orange dots 2022 Bike the Creek Route Description – Family Ride 12 km (allow 1.25-1.5 hours) Check-in 9:15am

27 km Nature Ride – follow green dots 2022 Bike the Creek Route Description -Nature Ride 27km (allow 2.5-3 hours) Check-in 8:15am

30 km Brampton B-Loop Ride – follow lighter blue dots 2022 Bike the Creek Route Description – Brampton B-Loop 30 km (allow 2.75-3.25 hours) Check-in 8:15am

61 km Caledon Town Ride – follow red dots 2022 Bike the Creek Route Description -Caledon Town Ride 61 km (allow 3-4 hours) (50 km shortcut available) Check-in 7:30am

65 km Bramalea Mississauga Ride – follow dark blue dots 2022 Bike the Creek Route Descriptions -Bramalea Mississauga Ride 65 km (allow 3.5-4.5 hours) Check-in 7:30am

Follow the BtC coloured dot stencils for your route. On Caledon Town Ride, follow Bike Route signs on the road.

Bike the Creek route marker  BTC route marker

Parking: If you live close by, consider cycling to the event. Parking is available at Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre. Additional parking at Heart Lake Secondary School and Conestoga Public School to south of the recreation centre. If these lots are full you may park in designated parking zones on the east or west side of Conestoga Dr. Secure bike valet parking is available at the site.

Zero-Waste Event: Bike the Creek proudly declares this is a zero-waste event. Please bring your own refillable water bottle. Waste is sorted by Sierra Club at the Peel Waste Pavilion at Jim Archdekin, which is the final pavilion on your route.

A friendly reminder that Riders agree to ride at their own risk and are requested to sign BTCWaiver_2022 before participating. Helmet use with fastened chin strap is strongly encouraged, and is mandatory for those under 18. Parents have a duty to ensure helmet use for children under 16. Riders are photographed for promotional purposes.

Riders who register before June 11th are guaranteed free lunch, compliments of our Title Sponsor, Region of Peel. Routes are carefully planned and may be subject to change should situations arise. Pay attention to Rider briefing instructions, course volunteers and route signage. All Route Rides are officially over at 1:30pm.

Prize Draw Policy: One draw ticket per rider. Prizes will be drawn between 12:15 & 12:45pm. Rider must be present to win.

Bike the Creek 2022 Heat Illness Information

Bike the Creek Partners:

Toronto & Region Conservation AuthorityCity of Brampton, Town of Caledon, Bike Brampton  City of Mississauga

Bike the Creek Sponsors:


Stuckless Consulting



Evolution Cycling - Caledon Hills Cycling

Caledon Landowners Group

If you live in Brampton or Mississauga, register your bike with Peel Regional Police Crime Prevention crime prevention bike serial number registration – Click on ‘Cycling’, then click on ‘Bike Registry’. It appears this is a form to report a stolen bike; fill out the form and keep going. You will receive by mail, the registration sticker for attaching to your bike.

Exciting Details for 2022

The backbone of the 6 ‘Bike the Creek’ routes is the Etobicoke Creek Trail; a Region of Peel ravine corridor of fields, trees, native plants, and animals. It forms a migratory path for birds. This unique corridor provides walking and cycling for recreation and commuting.

Discover multiple stormwater ponds along Etobicoke Creek that make our ravine more flood resilient.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has been hard at work the last couple of years, on the Conservation Drive Park Stream, Wetland, and Riparian Restoration Project. Find the QR Code to learn all about this on the 12km Family, Nature and Town Rides.

Routes to satisfy cyclists ranging from 5 km to 65 km!

The 5 km Family Ride was designed for new riders and families with small children who want to completely avoid cycling on the road. Check out the bike rodeo before or after you return!

The Caledon Town Ride highlights some of the newly signed 120 km of bike routes on the wide paved shoulders in Town of Caledon. The “Etobicoke Creek Trail Connector” is the signed on-road bike route that connects the Caledon Trailway, south along Heart Lake Rd, west on Olde Base Line, and south on Kennedy Rd through Southfields to join the Etobicoke Creek Trail.

Bike Lanes:

Brampton’s Heart Lake Road is featured in Family, Nature, Brampton B-Loop and Bramalea Mississauga Rides.

The Brampton B-Loop Ride features several of Brampton’s bike lanes: Vodden St, Howden Blvd, Central Park Dr. & Birchbank Rd.

The Bramalea Mississauga Ride features several Brampton roads that are scheduled for new bike lanes this year: North Park Dr, Central Park Dr, Glenvale Blvd, Finchgate Blvd, Eastbourne Blvd, Balmoral Dr, Dearbourne Blvd & Westcreek Blvd. Birchbank Rd bike lane is being included in a route this year.

Safer Crossings:

Press the button to activate the signalized bike crossride on Kennedy Road. It connects the Etobicoke Creek Trail on Brampton B-Loop and Bramalea Mississauga Rides.

Press the button again for the other signalized bike crossride at Queen St E from James to Scott St.

Watch for some new curb depressions when entering or exiting a trail to the road. Some locations have depressed curbs with tactile strips that make it easier and safer than bumping up and down over high curbs. More are being added all the time!

Sites to Check out:

If you have never experienced the thrill of crossing over Hwy #410 on a dedicated Active Transportation bridge, check out Brampton B-Loop and Bramalea Mississauga Rides’ Franceschini Bridge with its amazing multicoloured deck artwork.

Did you know that Etobicoke Creek Trail runs under Hwys #410 and #407 and #401? It is paved south to Mount Charles Park, Mississauga, part of Bramalea Mississauga Ride, and continues south to the GTAA Toronto Pearson Airport. You might see jets landing on the adjacent runway, or a Hawk soaring. Stop to use the cool bike repair stand at the Mississauga pavilion. Continue south under Hwy #401, south to Burnhamthorpe Road.

3 NEW Bike Repair Stands in Caledon, for a total now of 7!

  1. Caledon East – Caledon Trailway, east side of Airport Road
  2. Palgrave – South side of Brawton Drive and Wallace Avenue
  3. Cheltenham – Caledon Trailway, west side of Creditview Road
  4. Southfields – Southfields Community Centre, pedestrian entrance facing Kennedy Road – stop at this one on the Town Ride.

Rider Briefings:

2022 Bike the Creek Rider Briefing – Caledon Town & Bramalea Mississauga

2022 Bike the Creek Rider Briefing – Brampton B-Loop & Nature

2022 Bike the Creek Rider Briefing – Family Rides

Bike the Creek Cycling Jerseys:

Our custom jerseys Jakroo online store closed on May 12th 2:59am. Estimated delivery May 30th to your address, via FedEx. Signature required. 

BtC 2022 jersey

Check out some of our historical blog posts: Bike the Creek 2021, Bike the Creek 2019, Bike the Creek 2018 and Bike the Creek 2016 on our previous event successes!

Bike the Creek Cool Brampton Heritage Facts

Bike the Creek Historical Videos: