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Top 5 Public Sculptures

01 Mar 2017, Posted by Dayle Laing in Top 5's from BikeBrampton

Top 5 Public Sculptures in Brampton City of Brampton has a Public Art Self-Guided Tour. You can easily see all of BikeBrampton’s top 5 picks from the comfort of your bicycle. The top featured image was taken in Gage Park, 2016. Radhika Panjwani of The Brampton Guardian published a lovely story about Marion Bartlett’s sculpture unveiling Nov 2, 2016. Photo courtesy of Rob Beintema, Metroland.

Top 5 Public Murals

27 Feb 2017, Posted by Dayle Laing in Top 5's from BikeBrampton

Top 5 Public Murals in Brampton beaux-arts brampton is a visual artist-run cooperative in the  heart of downtown Brampton. Open to the public, the building has multiple working studios and two beautiful galleries. 70 – 74 Main St. N. The top featured image is from a Critical Mass Ride through Vivian Lane, in front of Norbert’s beautiful murals. Read more about Norbert’s cycling murals. Ardglen mural image courtesy of: http://www.unitedwaypeel.org/media-events/way-to-go-newsletter/2014-editions

Top 5 Did you Know Brampton Facts BikeBrampton is pleased to advocate for Brampton to become a ‘Bicycle Friendly Community’ in such an interesting and growing community! Share the Road Cycling Coalition grants ‘Bicycle Friendly Community’ awards to communities that actively support bicycling. It is based on the 5 ‘Es’: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation & Planning. There are 36 communities in Ontario that are Bicycle Friendly: Gold: Ottawa, Toronto Silver: Town of Blue Mountains, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Pelham, Peterborough, Waterloo Bronze: Ajax, Cambridge,…

Top 5 Bike Lanes

23 Feb 2017, Posted by Dayle Laing in Top 5's from BikeBrampton

Top 5 Bike Lanes in Brampton These delightful short stretches can be linked up with paths and other roads by checking out Peel Walk and Roll’s ‘zoomable’ map. BikeBrampton is advocating for more bike lanes to enhance road cycling for commuting, destinations and recreation. Join us at our monthly BikeBrampton meetings so that your voice can be heard. The image featured is from Rutherford bike lane, May 2016.

Top 5 Multiuse Paths

19 Feb 2017, Posted by Dayle Laing in Top 5's from BikeBrampton

Top 5 Multiuse Paths in Brampton Plan your cycling trip with this convenient and ‘zoomable’ trail map from Peel Walk and Roll. BikeBrampton favours multiuse paths on both sides of roads. For safety, cyclists need to be aware of motor traffic at all intersections and make sure drivers see them. The image featured is from Bovaird multiuse Trail.

Top 5 Things to Do at Heart Lake Conservation Area This conservation gem in Brampton, teams with wildlife and beauty. Roads in the park are accessible to various levels of cyclists. Trails, particularly at the south end require more skill and are best cycled on mountain bikes. Cyclists can visit Heart Lake Conservation Area main entrance via Heart Lake Road, between Sandalwood Parkway and Mayfield Road. Cyclists are welcome to enter free of charge! The south end trail can also be accessed from the…

Top 5 Coffee Tea Shop Bike Racks

15 Feb 2017, Posted by Dayle Laing in Top 5's from BikeBrampton

Top 5 Coffee & Tea Shops you can Bike to in Brampton Coffee or tea tastes so good. Maybe you can splurge on something to go with it since you have burned some calories cycling there! BikeBrampton suggests you ask your favourite shop to install a bike rack. The image featured is Daniel from T by Daniel, offering samples at Bike to Work Day in Garden Square 2016.

Top 5 Romantic Movies

14 Feb 2017, Posted by Dayle Laing in Top 5's from BikeBrampton

Top 5 Romantic Movies you can borrow from Brampton Libraries Brampton Library branches have a super supply of DVDs for borrowing, free of charge! Grab your library card and cycle to your nearest branch. They have bike parking right by the door.

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