BCAC Agenda – January 19, 2017

The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for January 19, 2017 is available.


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Other/New Business / Information Items

A discussion has been requested by Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Development Services, about the 2017 Work Plan. There aren’t any more documents included with this item. However, the last draft was submitted in the July 2016 agenda.

There will be a verbal update from the Programs Subcommittee about 2017 Community Rides.

And finally, a discussion at the request of Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, about the Grow Green Network Launch Event. More information has been included on this item in the agenda.

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see and to ask questions!

BCAC Minutes – January 21, 2016

The minutes from the January 21, 2016 Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meeting have been released. The first meeting of what promises to be a positive 2016!

A copy of the agenda can be found on the City of Brampton website.

Reports and Updates

The committee received an update from Nelson Cadette, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Infrastructure Services, about Recent Changes to Highway Traffic Act Regulations – Ontario Bill 31 – Making Ontario Roads Safer

Nelson noted changes to the Highway Traffic Act with respect to new crosswalk regulations, and what the implications are for Brampton. The Committee asked questions of clarification on intersection signalization and rules, cyclist safety, and the need for educating the public on the new legislation.

Nelson presented another update — a particularly important one, about the Cycling Advisory Committee Draft 2016 Work Plan. The Committee received the update, which details the goals for the Cycling Advisory Committee’s Subcommittees. We should expect to see updates from Subcommittees in the coming months about cycling events and education opportunities in Brampton. Stay tuned!

New Business and Information Items

At the request of myself (Kevin Montgomery), Discussion was held on Consideration of Separate Bike Lanes Pilot Project within the City. Kevin requested a list of bike lane ready projects that the Committee could review. Staff noted that when they are available, “shovel ready” projects that include the (re)development of bike lanes will be presented to Committee for consideration. Good news!

Committee held a discussion on Frequency of Meetings, since we had now received the Work Plan for 2016. The question was whether to continue meeting monthly, or to change meeting times to every 2 months. The reasoning was to allow Committee members to more easily take part in Subcommittees during Committee “off months”.

The motion failed. Not noted in the Minutes, but worth mentioning, is that the Committee is cognizant of just how agile the we need to be in bringing forward recommendations to Council. This was the idea that prevailed in the failure of the motion to change the frequency of meetings.

Question Period

During question period, staff noted that an update on bicycle parking will be provided at a future meeting and noted that recommendations are made to private development applications with respect to the provision of bicycle stands. Lisa Stokes, Member, asked that the Policy Subcommittee consider developing a policy that requires developers to install bicycle stands.

That’s it!

The next Cycling Advisory Committee meeting takes place on February 18 at 7pm. The public is welcome to attend. See you there!