Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan Review

The Metrolinx review of the Regional Transportation Plan is underway to make sure that it continues to show the transportation priorities of the region, and can do so with a twenty-five year outlook to 2041.

Metrolinx is specifically seeking comments on supporting active transportation, and creating safer, more complete streets. They acknowledge that active transportation yields economic, social and environmental benefits, and can conveniently interface with other modes such as transit. 56% of trips in the GTHA are short enough for cycling.

However, Metrolinx also acknowledges that there are four main challenges to increasing active transportation:

  1. Gaps in the infrastructure network
  2. Some GTHA municipalities, Brampton included (for now), lack active transportation plans and policies.
  3. Existing cycling facilities are not well marketed or promoted.
  4. Insufficient data and monitoring to track progress in policy goals.

What do you want to see included in the Regional Transportation Plan review, about active transportation?


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