That wasn’t so bad was it? And no, I’m not talking about last night’s Oscars.  I’m referring to the fact that here we are nearing the end of February and this part of Canada has hardly been the land of ice and snow.  Except for a few days of icy conditions, it’s been great winter cycling weather, as long as you are riding with the wind. Well the wind is always at your back when you ride to BikeBrampton meetings. And we have a BikeBrampton meeting coming up this Thursday evening at 6:30pm Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, 125 McLaughlin Road North in the Craft Room.  The agenda, supporting documents and previous meeting minutes can be found here. 

New members are always welcome. Did you know Brampton plans to apply for a major cycling recognition award this spring? Or that Brampton downtown is planning for a major facelift that may involve bike lanes?  Or that a bike bridge will be built across the 410?  Join our meeting to learn all the details.  We live in exciting and interesting times.  Eat your heart out La La Land! 

Biking in Brampton builds our community!