Brampton Budget 2015 Cycling Priorities

Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee submitted a document outlining our priorities for active transportation, and specifically cycling priorities for the Brampton 2015 Budget:

City of Brampton Budget 2015 BBAC active transportation priorities_1

Economic Benefits of Active Transportation

  • Reduced congestion — better flow of people, goods, services
  • Reduced collisions — eventual reduction in auto insurance rates
  • Reduced road construction, maintenance and repair costs
  • Easing of Parking congestion
  • Enhancing and making the downtown core vibrant for residents, workers & retail
  • Safety in school zones
  • Improved productivity of City of Brampton staff who deal with safety & congestion issues daily
  • Improved health of workers (air quality & fitness) – impact on employer benefit & public costs
  • Attractiveness of Brampton as a place to work, live and play
  • Attractiveness to Brampton’s goal for research-based university location
  • Cycle Tourism – benefit to Brampton retail businesses & employment

Creating a significant modal shift to 8-10% for active transportation can give the City of Brampton a direct method to manage traffic congestion to achieve a goal stated in both the Official Plan (2006) and Strategic Plan (2013).

Delegation to Brampton Budget Committee

Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee made a delegation to the Budget Committee on March 31st, requesting approval of an Active Transportation Coordinator position to be included in the 2015 budget.

Budget Committee Summary of Recommendations:

“BC012-2015 That the delegation from Dayle Laing, Committee Secretary, Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee, to the Budget Committee Meeting of March 30, 31 and April 1, 2, 2015, re: Economic Benefits of Active Transportation for City of Brampton’s 2015 Budget, be received. Carried”

Immediately following the delegation, Marilyn Ball, Chief of Planning and Infrastructure Services reported to the Budget Committee that this position is slated to be filled from existing headcount. Executive Director Michael Won reported that his department will be hiring this position.