Peel School Walk & Bike


Peel School Walk & Bike Videos

encourage active transportation for health and academic benefits. Parents and children are urged to travel safely to and from school.

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These videos are the result of a partnership amongst Peel District School Board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Peel Region Police, Region of Peel, City of Brampton, City of Mississauga, Brampton School Traffic Safety Council, Safe City Mississauga, IBC/BAC, CAA and Bike Brampton to encourage active transportation for kids.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Walk & Bike to School in Peel – Get Fit!

Walk & Bike to School in Peel – Academic Benefits

Walk & Bike to School in Peel – Interviews

Bike Brampton has been thrilled to participate in this excellent example of cooperation and partnership work to bring these important messages of health, safety and academics to the parents and children of Peel and beyond! Please share widely and frequently!

We want to see children travelling actively! Peel school walk & bike!

Peel Walk & Bike to School Did you know Posters






Peel School Walk & Bike Handout

Here is the link to brochure from BikeBrampton’s partners in the Peel School Safety Committee:

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Peel School Walk & Bike Presentation

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Brampton Kids on Bikes Project Report

Brampton Kids on Bikes Project research, which was funded by a grant from Heart & Stroke Foundation and volunteers from BikeBrampton, has led to the conclusion that Peel needs to move from TRANSACTIONAL CHANGE to TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE.

Here are a series of links to BikeBrampton’s work with our partners in Peel to successfully achieve Peel School Walk & Bike:

Link to Brampton Kids on Bikes Project Final Report

Link to Brampton Kids on Bikes Literature Review Report

Link to Moving Peel Kids Safely Workshop, April 20, 2015

Link to Peel Physical Inactivity Health Crisis, December 4, 2014

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CAA School Safety Patrol Program

More than 85 years ago, CAA decided that a program was needed to keep children safe while travelling to and from school. At the time, the automobile was just becoming more frequent on our roads, and children were getting injured because of its presence near schools. With increased traffic – from children walking to and from school and automobiles and buses picking up or dropping off students – the CAA School Safety Patrol program is more relevant than ever. The program helps to ensure safer school zones.

Through the decades, we’ve seen proof of the value of the program in Ontario. There are more than 80 documented cases of Patrollers saving lives. While most students will never need to put their training to use, they learn valuable skills that help them become engaged.

The CAA School Safety Patrol program is a joint effort between CAA, the police, school boards, teachers, parents and more than 25,000 dedicated student volunteers.



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