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Carabram is an annual multicultural festival that brings together cultures across Brampton through food, entertainment and education. The festival takes place annually on the second weekend of July and welcomes visitors from across the Greater Toronto Area.

Venues across Brampton are completely transformed to represent different cultures from around the world. Visitors to Carabram have the opportunity to experience these cultures through authentic cuisine, as well as traditional dance, music and entertainment. Each pavilion is also equipped with cultural displays and artifacts representative of each culture to provide visitors with the full experience.

Why not skip the traffic and enjoy a bike ride through the city? Here’s a map you can use to get to the pavilions using Recreation Trails, sideroads, and non-arterial roads that don’t compete with highway 410 traffic.

More details regarding Carabram can be found on their website.

Don’t forget to log your trips on Strava!

Have any questions about the routes? Please let us know.

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