On a crisp sunny November day, representatives from BBAC, the City of Brampton, the Region of Peel and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority gathered at Loafers Lake Park to ride our planned route for Bike the Creek on June 21, 2014.   start with some maintenance for ease…   Loafers Lake Park start   Conservation Drive Park paved path   Wetlands trail unpaved   Etobicoke Creek Trail Wetlands   valleylands restoration   Caledon single track   northern point, Valleywood Caledon  break…

A delegation to Brampton Committee of Council was made by BBAC Chair David Laing, with support from BBAC members in the visitors gallery. The following are excerpted from the official minutes of the City of Brampton.    at Council Chamber entrance D 1.     Delegations, re: Establishment of the Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee – RML #2013-027 (File P40). David Laing, Resident of Brampton and Chair, Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee (BBAC) Larry Zacher, Executive Director, Brampton Safe City Association Item I…

A presentation to seniors on the health and community merits of bicycle riding was made by BBAC Chair, David Laing on June 23rd. Anu translated the presentation to the large crowd. A show of hands indicated those who regularly cycle in Brampton! According to the Region of Peel report of 2012, approximately half of Peel adults in 2007/2008 were classified as overweight or obese. Cycling in Brampton is an opportunity to increase exercise for our residents. Comments comments

Flower Day Parade, June 15, 2013

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BBAC in Brampton’s Flower Day Parade Cycling proudly behind the City of Brampton’s Recreation float, BBAC members participated in the joyful parade down Main Street Brampton to cap off a successful day at CeleBrampton. Comments comments

BikeFest at CeleBrampton, June 15, 2013

16 Jun 2013, Posted by David Laing in Past Event Cycling

BBAC displays at BikeFest CeleBrampton The Brampton_Guardian proclaimed that “CeleBrampton is here to stay”. Snap_Brampton heralded that “there is cycling safety in numbers”. Volunteer members of BBAC displayed in our Bike Fest booth on Main Street to enthusiastic crowds.    All types of bikes came out Hundreds of enthusiastic local residents gathered to take the bicycle safety challenge and participate in our draw of prizes provided by generous sponsors.    bicycle safety challenge survey   learning bike safety rules    identify mandatory…

Bike to Work Day, May 27 2013

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Bike to Work Day Pancake Breakfast BBAC participated in its inaugural event with our volunteers encouraging bike ridership with one of our messages, “there’s safety in numbers”!     Councillor Gael Miles stopped by our booth, before biking to work at Brampton City Hall.   Region of Peel Police Bike Patrol Comments comments

On May 15th BBAC made history with its first delegation to Brampton Committee of Council on May 15, 2013. The following is excerpted from the official Minutes of the Meeting. Mr. David Laing, resident of Brampton and Chair of the Brampton Bicycle Advisory Committee (BBAC), made the following presentation in regard to making Brampton a Bicycle Friendly Community: Not enough of us are cycling Health benefits of cycling Road congestion Road capacity Environmental impact – car emissions Learning to share…

Residents at the Northwest Brampton Community Development Meeting gathered to hear the case for why Brampton can and should become a “Bicycle Friendly Community”. David Laing presenting Loafers Lake Many of us are taking short-range trips in cars that could be better replaced with bicycle travel. This would give us more exercise, reduce road congestion, save our air quality, our money and our limited gasoline resources. The message resonated with the audience, who enthusiastically asked questions. David was encouraged by City Councillor John Hutton and Regional Councillor…

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