Biking in Brampton
Builds our Community

Brampton Bike Hub 1st Anniversary

Bike Cage Official Opening A crowd of 50 BikeBrampton members, Pedalwise mentors and protégés, and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Brampton Bike Hub and the official opening of the bike cage at PCHS. David Laing, BikeBrampton Chair, welcomed everyone with the following remarks: We almost had 3 levels of government representing 3 political parties to celebrate biking …

Upcoming Events

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Ridership Data

Want to see how many people ride in Brampton, how far they ride, and see a heatmap of popular routes through the city?

We've started a project to track cycling ridership in Brampton using the Strava App. Strava is free, and a great way to accumulate aggregate information.

Want to help? Join our Strava Club!

Check out our Metrics page for more information.

Critical Mass

Want to explore the streets of Brampton on your bike with friends? Check out Critical Mass.

Critical Mass is a monthly mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month. Meet at Gage Park, on the south-west corner of Main and Wellington, at 6:15pm.

At 6:30, we ride!

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