Rear view cycling was promoted in Bike Month.

MTO’s Road Safety Challenge grant allowed BikeBrampton to design, create and display a poster to encourage cyclists to check around them before turning or changing lanes.

Published April 2018 in “Cycling Skills: Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling” included the inspiration for our challenge this year:

“A rear view mirror lets you see what is approaching from behind and makes it easier to check traffic before passing.”


Brampton Springdale Library hosted a Bike Month display, where BikeBrampton and Walk+Roll Peel promoted cycling events and bike safety to library patrons. Partnerships extend our cycling message reach to new audiences!

Bramalea CycleFest gave the community an opportunity to get their bikes set and prepare to cycle the 3, 6 or 12km routes safely.

Bramalea CycleFest 6km riders on Brampton’s Chinguacousy Trail.

Sonia Sidhu MP (Brampton-South), stopped by to encourage Bramalea CycleFest riders.

CeleBrampton CycleFest always draws a large crowd of interested cyclists, wanting news of events, safety information and the latest Cycling Guide route map. As cycling has become more popular, the safety questions have become more sophisticated!

Our Rear View Cycling poster display complements our MTO Road Safety Challenge 2016 campaign pull-up sign of the “One Metre Safe Passing Law”.

Similarly, Jane’s Walk (in our case, Ride), was a good opportunity to supplement BikeBrampton’s booth display with our MTO Road Safety Challenge 2017 campaign flag of “Do the Bright Thing – Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Predictable”.

Bike the Creek routes of 12, 26, 40 and 46km gave hundreds of riders the opportunity to practice “Rear View Cycling” on the paths and roads of Brampton and Caledon.

See Bike to School Week 2018 blog post for more on Rear View Cycling!