The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for March 15, 2018, is available.


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Delegations / Presentations


There will be a presentation by Lisa Stokes, Member, regarding a 2018 Community Ride Update.

Kevin Montgomery, Member, will give a presentation called Mining For Silver: Observations of Hamilton and Burlington, Silver BFC Cities. A slide deck is included in the agenda.

David Laing, Co-Chair, Peel Safe and Active Routes to Schools Committee (PSARTS), will give a delegation regarding a Terms of Reference Update. As Co-Chair of the Brampton Environment Advisory Committee, David will also give a delegation regarding 2018 Eco-pledge Program.




The Minutes of the Program Subcommittee meeting of February 26, 2018 are included in this agenda. There is also a report regarding the BCAC Programming Subcommittee – Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Dayle Laing, Member, will give updates regarding the Toronto International Bike Show Report for BCAC and Brampton Grow Green Report for BCAC.


Other/New Business/Information Items


There are several discussion items in this agenda.

David Laing, Resident, has requested discussion regarding the Hurontario LRT Corridor.

Stephen Laidlaw, Co-Chair, has requested discussion regarding Existing and New Cycling Infrastructure Planned – Gateway LRT Station (Hurontario and

Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Development Services, has requested discussion regarding BCAC participation in the development of Cycling Map, and the appointment of BCAC member(s) to the Bike to Work Day Public Event Planning Committee.

There is correspondence from Henrik Zbogar, Senior Manager, Transportation Planning, Planning and Development Services, regarding the Environmental Registry 013-1837 – City Comments Submitted Regarding CycleON Action Plan 2.0.

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Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see and to ask questions!