The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for July 16, 2017, is available.


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Other/New Business/Information Items


There are 3 items from Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Planning and Development Services:


  • Discussion RE: Feedback on Brampton’s Application to be Designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community – Spring 2017
  • Discussion RE: Function and Design Review of the Heart Lake Road Corridor – Technical Advisory Committee – Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee Representative
  • Update RE: 2017 Project Updates – Franceschini Bridge and Kennedy Valley Trail


Bicycle Friendly Community

Brampton was designated as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community in Spring 2017. A report is included in the agenda that describes the rationale for the designation:


  • Good and growing network of cycling infrastructure with many new connections planned for 2017 and beyond.
  • Excellent community partnerships in place to support cycling.
  • Very strong cycling education and encouragement efforts, spearheaded by BikeBrampton and the Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee
  • A strong and growing culture of cycling in the City


The next steps to achieve silver include:


  • Initiate a Short Term Cycling Infrastructure plan to identify priority routes to be improved for cycling by 2020 to create a full network of safe cycling infrastructure in the City.
  • Expand resources available to community stakeholders working on cycling – both in terms of staff support and financial resources through contracted services, to continue to expand the education and encouragement efforts.
  • Expand encouragement efforts to include a marquis event like an Open Streets Event to showcase Brampton’s on-road cycling opportunities as well as the trails.
  • Make commuter cycling courses available to large employers.

Franceschini Bridge

Brampton city staff anticipate that construction of the Franceschini Bridge will begin in August upon MTO approval. A detailed construction schedule is not yet available.


Etobicoke Creek South (Kennedy Valley)

Detailed engineering work for the bridge is complete. Brampton staff are awaiting final execution of an agreement from Infrastructure Ontario. Project construction is anticipated to start this Summer with completion anticipated in Fall this year (weather permitting).


Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, has requested discussion RE: 2018 Work Plan



There are 2 items from  David Monaghan, Traffic Operations Coordinator, Public Works and Engineering:


  • Correspondence dated June 21, 2017, RE: Bicycle Facility Implementation Program – Colonel Bertram Drive
  • Correspondence dated June 29, 2017, RE: Bicycle Facility Implementation Program – Queen Mary Drive



The City’s Bicycle Facility Implementation Plan is a strategy intended to promote the use of bicycles as an alternate mode of travel to the automobile. The program is aimed to direct staff to consider the feasibility of bicycle infrastructure in conjunction with the implementation of key road construction opportunities.

Urban shoulders are typically proposed, as they are the same width as a bicycle lane, but are not used just for bicycles – they can also be used for on-street parking. The biggest challenge with implementing designated bicycle lanes continues to be pushback for on-street parking.

BikeBrampton continues to support urban shoulders as an intermediary strategy, until such time as either residents or Council or prepared to take the lead to reduce on-street parking, and instead focus on using roads primarily for transportation purposes.


In addition, there is correspondence from Jake Mete, Landscape Architect, Parks Maintenance and Forestry Division, Public Works and Engineering, dated July 6, 2017, RE: South
Fletcher’s Creek Trail


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Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see and to ask questions!