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Brampton Bikes!


The City of Brampton is working towards building a bicycle-friendly city, and its efforts have been recognized through the Bicycle Friendly Community Awards with a Bronze status, announced by the Share the Road Cycling Coalition at the April 12 Ontario Bike Summit awards.

In recent years, the City has made important commitments to and investments in building a bicycle-friendly community and championing bicycling as a safe, healthy and fun means of recreation and transportation.



Where are people riding?

Brampton is working with Strava data to improve cycling in the City and more data = more bike lanes!This map displays the routes that are most popular with Brampton cyclists using the Strava App. The darker and thicker the orange means more riders.



Check out a few hot spots around Brampton:


Rider data collected by Strava users and made available through Strava METRO.


Log Your Cycling Trips On Strava