The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for March 17, 2016 is available.


There will be a delegation from Ranjana Mitra and Sarah Verma from the Community Environment Alliance, about Community Bike Centre Programs and Initiatives.

There is an attached slide deck for their presentation (4.1-2).

Other/New Business/Information Items

Alina Grzejszczak, Committee Member, will be presenting a CANBIKE Instructor Course Update. There is a report attached to the agenda as item 7.1.

There will be a discussion at the request of Gaspard Ndayishimiye, Member, about Transformation of Maintenance Strips into Cycling Lanes.

Kevin Montgomery, Co-Chair, has requested a discussion on Proclamation Request Forms, and a Motion for Co-Chair(s) to send a Proclamation Request. An email has been attached with more information. So far, the list of Proclaimations being considered are:

  • Community Ward Rides
  • Bike To Work Day and Bike Month
  • Bike The Creek

Additionally, Kevin has requested a discussion on Bike Month. The Bike Month website is missing Brampton’s logo. Kevin is proposing a motion for the City of Brampton to supply an appropriate logo to Bike Month website organizers, and for the Programs Subcommittee to work with Brampton staff and Walk and Roll Peel to organize a Bike To Work Day event.

The Policy Subcommittee has submitted the minutes from their meeting on February 14, 2016 (7.3). This Subcommittee will be working to find systemic problems that inhibit cycling in Brampton.

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see the presentations, and to ask questions!