The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for February 18, 2016 is available. There is is an exciting update about the Active Transportation Plan. A presentation is included, but do make it in person to the meeting if you can!



There will be a presentation by Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Long Range Transportation Planning, Planning and Infrastructure Services, about an update to the Active Transportation Plan – Terms of Reference.

There is an attached slide deck (4.1-1) on the Terms of Reference for the Active Transportation Plan. Check it out!


Other/New Business/Information Items

The Programs Subcommittee has submitted the minutes from their meeting(s) in January (7.1-1). They’ve worked hard to prepare this year’s first Community Rides. Check out the attached calendar to start saving the dates! (7.1-3).

At the requestion of Nelson Cadete, there will be a discussion on Registration and Selection of two Cycling Advisory Committee Members to attend the Ontario Bike Summit. The Ontario Bike Summit is an opportunity to attend workshops and sessions, and meet advocates, program coordinators, and politicians that effecting cycling decisions around Ontario, Canada, and North America.

Kevin Montgomery (that’s me!) has requested a discussion on the Hurontario Light Rail Transit – Connection to Metrolinx-built Bike Lanes and Local Cycling Infrastructure. If you weren’t already aware,  “The Hurontario-Main Street corridor is being designed to accommodate bicycle lanes and bike paths from Mississauga to Brampton.” In October 2015, Brampton Council voted to stop the LRT route at Shopper’s World at Steeles Ave.

The questions Kevin has are:

  1. Will they (cycling infrastructure) connect at Bartley Bull Parkway, or to Pathway on Steeles, east of Hurontario/Main?
  2. Can they connect to McMurchy Avenue instead?

Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Please come out to see the presentations, and to ask questions!