The minutes from the December 17, 2015 Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meeting have been released. The last meeting of the year! Here is a summary. For reference, a copy of the agenda can be downloaded from the City of Brampton website.


Delegations and Presentations

The Committee was expecting to receive a delegation from Michael Merrall about establishing a Brampton specific Bike Challenge website. Unfortunately, Michael was not able to attend. The Committee agreed to give Mr. Merrall a list of the 2016 meeting dates. This will allow him to send another request to delegate when is convenient for him.


Reports and Updates

The committee received an update from Nelson Cadette, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Long Range Transportation Planning, Planning and Infrastructure Services, regarding a Motion to the Ontario Ministry of Education Regarding Cycling Education (File BC.x)

Nelson referenced the motion provided in the printed agenda and noted that after Committee endorsement, the motion and an accompanying report will be prepared for consideration by the Planning and Infrastructure Services Committee.

A motion was carried by the Committee to receive Nelson’s update, approve the Motion to the Ontario Ministry of Education Regarding Cycling Education, and that staff be directed to prepare a report on the Motion to the Ontario Ministry of Education Regarding Cycling Education for consideration by the Planning and Infrastructure Services Committee at a future meeting.

If you haven’t been following this file, it’s an interesting one. Cycling committees from around southern Ontario are making recommendations to their councils, that they encourage the province to re-introduce cycling education into the curriculum. More details are in the motion.

Nelson provided verbal updates on the 2016 Ministry of Transportation Cycling Training Fund application related to Bike Rodeos. And Alina Grzejszczak, a Committee Member, provided an update on the CAN-BIKE2 course training.

Dayle Laing, Committee Member, presented a verbal update about Region of Peel School Safety Videos and Walk and Bike to School in Peel videos. Links to these videos are:


New Business and Information Items

The Committee then considered the 2016 Cycling Advisory Committee Schedule of Meetings. Consideration included:

  • Finalizing the 2016 Work Plan and forming subcommittees
  • Suggestion that meetings be held on a bi-monthly basis to accommodate subcommittee meetings and activities

In response to questions from the Committee, staff stated that a final draft plan will be presented to Committee at a future date for endorsement. Committee agreed to revisit the 2016 meeting schedule after finalization of the Work Plan.

That was the last meeting of 2015. See you in 2016!