Happy Holidays everyone! The Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee agenda for December 17, 2015 is available.



There will be a delegation from Michael Merrall, Web Administrator of Bike Challenge Website about Establishing a Brampton Specific Bike Challenge Website.

Per Michael Merrall’s presentation to BikeBrampton in May 2015: The Community Bike Challenge seeks to  “promote healthy-active living by getting local residents on their bikes“. An excellent example of this is the Halton Hills Community Bike Challenge. The main goals of the challenge can be aligned with local community interests. In the case of Halton Hills, money was raised for the Georgetown Hospital.

Can you think of any local initiatives to fundraise for? Come out in person to ask questions during Public Question Period. Or, send your ideas to the Cycling Advisory committee via the City Clerk’s Office:

Phone: 905-874-2101
TTY: (905) 874-2130
Email: cityclerksoffice@brampton.ca



There will be an update from Nelson Cadete, Project Manager, Active Transportation, Long Range Transportation Planning, Planning and Infrastructure Services about a Motion to the Ontario Ministry of Education Regarding Cycling Education. This is an item being worked on as part of the

It looks like this item is just about ready to be moved ahead as a recommendation to Council. It’s part of a consensus effort among municipalities around the Golden Horseshoe. The goal is to bring cycling education into the provincial education curriculum. Currently it reads:

Whereas approximately twenty per cent of morning car traffic is comprised of children being driven to school, causing increased congestion, collisions and insurance rates;

Whereas congestion and accidents consume excessive amounts of police, municipal staff, and school administration resources;

Whereas vehicular emissions generate about thirty-four percent of Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions;

Whereas reduced congestion would decrease costs associated with road construction, maintenance and repair, ease parking lot congestion, and improve the safety of students in school zones;

Whereas reduced congestion would reduce air pollution in school zones, thereby mitigating negative health impacts on students and staff, and thus improving healthcare and reducing employee benefit costs;

Whereas only four to seven per cent of Canadian school-age children and youth receive the requisite minimum one hour per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity, (compared to the eighty-four percent of preschool-age children who meet the requirement);

Whereas studies have shown that active transportation to school increases brain activity for up to four hours, and increases academic performance and decision-making abilities and,

Whereas cycling safety training will provide students with the skill set to safely cycle to and from school and instill confidence in their cycling ability, resulting in an increase in ridership and making cycling the default option for student transportation,

Therefore be it resolved that the City of Brampton request the Ministry of Education to adopt mandatory cycling education in the Ontario Elementary and Secondary School curricula, on a graduated basis, integrated with existing curriculum, from grade one to grade ten, including both safety and skills training.

This could be an exciting item to move ahead just before the close of the year!

The meeting schedule for 2016 is also included with the agenda. Cycling Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. We encourage everyone to attend!