The minutes from the November 19 Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meeting have been released. Here is a summary.


Delegations and Presentations

The Committee received a delegation from Margie Chung, Principle Planner, Sustainable Transportation, Region of Peel regarding Region of Peel Active Transportation Plan – Implementation Plan and Update. Ms. Chung presented an overview of the Region of Peel Active Transportation Plan (AT Plan) that included:

  • Region of Peel Active Transportation Plan overview and implementation strategy
  • Region’s role in AT Plan and committees
  • Collaboration on education, promotion, and infrastructure
  • School active transportation programs
  • Key completed projects
  • Ongoing key projects and infrastructure
  • Priorities for 2016
  • AT Plan update framework
  • Active transportation effects on health, transportation and mobility, environment, and economy
  • Planning and design process
  • Types of cyclists
  • Completed projects in other municipalities

Ms. Chung encouraged Committee members to provide ongoing input and feedback to the Region and noted that an update on Dixie Road trails will be provided at a future meeting. Committee consideration of the matter included:

  • Concerns regarding cyclist safety at intersections and pathways
  • School travel programs and strategy
  • Increasing cycling signage and public awareness
  • Engaging schools to encourage student cycling and offer adequate bike parking
  • Eliminating conflict between cyclist and vehicle
  • Increasing cyclist commuter traffic with dedicated lanes

Alina Grzejszczak, Committee Member, presented on Preventing Theft and Vandalism of Bicycles as it relates to bike stands within the city, which included these considerations:

  • Availability, location, and structural design of bike stands
  • Unsecured bike stands within the city
  • Pedestrian, cyclist, and driver safety concerns regarding improperly parked bicycles
  • Personal concerns and public input
  • Bike stand regulations in other municipalities
  • Suggested recommendations for bike stand improvement

The Committee’s consideration of the matter included implementation of a bike stand policy and regulations.


New Business and Information Items

Committee and Public Questions

The Committee had a discussion regarding the Ministry of Transportation Cycling Training Fund. Alina Grzejszczak, Committee Member, provided an update on the CANBIKE2 course training, scheduled for November 2015. Ms. Grzejszczak noted that there may be a pricing and scheduling conflict for the Can Bike Instructor training, tentatively scheduled for March 2016. Committee consideration of the matter included a consensus to research other CANBIKE Instructor training dates and prices.

In response to questions from Committee, staff summarized City policy with respect to curb depressions at uncontrolled crossings, and noted that an update will be provided at a future meeting in regard to speed limits on multi-use pathways. Committee congratulated staff member, Nelson Cadete, on his new position as Project Manager, Active Transportation, in the Planning and Infrastructure Services Department

Congratulations Nelson!

In response to questions from a member of the public, staff noted that an update on the construction of multi-use paths will be provided at a later meeting, and that staff will provide the necessary support to the subcommittees.

See you in December!