As promised last month, here is a summary of the Cycling Advisory Committee Minutes from October 15, 2015.



Dayle Laing made a presentation about Brampton Kids on Bikes. This is an important initiative for increasing physical activity in school-aged children. There is a marked drop in activity levels upon graduation from kindergarten into grade 1. The presentation also discussed:

  • Cycling statistics and current physical activity levels
  • Environmental, physical, and mental benefits of increased activity
  • Metrolinx and external committee support, delegations and research
  • School transportation trends and statistics
  • Active transportation safety risk management and school safety committees
  • Active transportation events in the Region of Peel and Dufferin County

Dayle’s presentation included a lot of interesting information. It’s all available in the agenda to see for yourself.

Dayle presented 1 of 4 videos on the benefits of increased physical activity and active transportation in school-aged children. All are available on the BikeBrampton website.

The presentation sparked some discussion on:

  • Advertising cycling events and statistics at Recreation Centres and schools throughout Brampton
  • Requesting increased enforcement in school zones to ensure bike lanes are not blocked
  • Consensus to designate Pauline Thornham, Member, as Committee representative on PSARTS Committee
  • Potential budget requirements for Safe and Active Routes to Schools signage
  • Consensus to consider recommendations as outlined in the presentation at subcommittee meetings

Nelson Cadete, Supervisor, Traffic Operations, indicated to the committee that many of the requests in the presentation are currently in the development stage, or under consideration by City staff. Good news!


Reports and Updates

Some exciting news:  The City of Brampton’s application for cycling training funds was accepted. The Committee may send five members for CAN-BIKE training. The intent behind this program is to train Committee members to be CAN-BIKE instructors. They in turn can teach CAN-BIKE courses to residents in Brampton.

More good news: The City of Brampton’s expression of interest for the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program was short-listed for funding consideration. If granted, funding will be designated for completion of the Etobicoke Creek Connection under the 407 into Mississauga. Staff will submit a detailed application to the Ministry of Transportation and will advise Committee of the results when available. When that happens, we’ll be sure to let you all know. 😉

Nelson Cadete then provided an update on curb depressions, which BikeBrampton has been advocating for a little while now. His update included the following:

  • Background; controlled and uncontrolled crossings
  • Current City policy
  • Risks and Liabilities
  • Review of pedestrian and cycling roadway crossings
  • New/revised standards
  • First steps: school crosswalks, access points to park trails, and streetto-street sidewalks

The Committee had many questions on the update, including:

  • Questions about speed deterrents at the end of paths, such as “P-Gates”
  • Questions about pathway and trail signage
  • Curb depression policies in other cities

We feel that there are still many outstanding questions on this topic. They’ll be reviewed further in a subcommittee, and recommendations will be brought forward at a future date.


New Business

Finally, the Committee established four subcommittees to help the Committee with achieving its goals:

  • Infrastructure – dealing with the built environment such as pathways and bike lanes.
  • Policy – dealing with things like by-laws and regulations
  • Programs – organizing events, particularly ward rides
  • Events Fundraising –  dealing with investigate ways to acquire funding for marketing, equipment, and refreshments for events.

More information on these subcommittees will be coming shortly.

The next Brampton Cycling Advisory Committee meeting takes place on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 7pm. It’s open to the public, so come on out!