Bike Rodeos are being held by City of Brampton in partnership with Brampton Safe City for ‘June is Bike Month’.

A rodeo is a bicycle skills event which provides an opportunity for cyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to cycle safely and with confidence. The goal of any bicycle rodeo is to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn, practice and demonstrate their bicycle handling skills in a fun, educational way. Students develop cycling skills by: practicing basic cycling techniques, learning basic bicycle mechanics, checking proper helmet fit, participating in bike safety education, participating in a series of bike handling drills and simulated infrastructure and common traffic situations.

Age: 3 – 9 Class Length: 60 Minutes, cost $2.00

Brampton Soccer Centre

Thu 6:30 pm Jun 25

Cassie Campbell Community Centre

Tue 6:30 pm Jun 23

Greenbriar Recreation Centre

Sat 6:30 pm Jun 27

Mt. Pleasant Community Centre

Mon 6:30 pm Jun 15

Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre

Wed 6:30 pm Jun 17

See page 84 of Brampton’s Spring Summer 2015 Recreation Guide

There are other learn how to bike clinics, private lessons and get to know your trails & pathways courses being offered — see page 84 also!